Import Evolution X Black5 Coverage

Import Evolution X Black5 Coverage

Today we got to attend an all around mixed car show hosted by Import Evolution, Black5, and Luxury Abstract. Black 5 hosted by Luxury Abstract definitely brought out the heavy hitters in the VIP scene in New England/ the East Coast. There were so many beautiful cars were throughout the venue, in this case being the DCU Center in Worcester, MA – one of the few indoor locations for car shows around…

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Sexy White G | Rudy’s G35x

Sexy White G | Rudy’s G35x

Keepin’ it clean, classy, and sexy is Rudy’s custom painted Matte White G35x. This car looks so clean, and the color combo is phenomenal. I’m sure the paint tricks some people into thinking it’s either dipped or wrapped, but nope, it is paint! Along with the color combo, this car has a great stance, and yes it is static. While shooting the car in a quiet neighborhood, people going on walks…

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Dynasty X NethingCars Car Show

Dynasty X NethingCars Car Show

Dynasty crew and Nething Cars held a Memorial Car Meet / Car Show in memory of our good friend Simon Ratsamy, as well as donating money towards our friend Aarron Harmon and his family for medical expenses from a recent accident. The event took place at the usual spot for our Dynasty x NethingCars Wednesday Meets. We are proud to say we raised over $1,200 for both families! Thank you everyone who…

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Honda Fest at Mohegan Sun

Honda Fest at Mohegan Sun

Photos & Words: Corey Smiley

Not often do you say you’re going to Mohegan Sun for a car show/car meet – but the other day we certainly did! With roughly 800 cars, and over 1,000 attendees, Honda Fest presented by Herb Chambers Honda – Acura of Seekonk was packed and definitely had heavy hitters killing the Honda game.

We know there are a ton of Honda enthusiasts out there, and this show…

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SEEMS LGT - Corey’s Legacy GT

SEEMS LGT – Corey’s Legacy GT

Photos & Words: Corey Smiley

Not only does Corey run, take photos, and work in the real world – he also has a 2008 Subaru Legacy GT that he’s put a lot of work into, and surprisingly is original! Originality is hard to come by nowadays, people either are lazy, or like how another car looks and copies that persons idea. This car, however, is different compared to the usual “done…

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Dynasty X Nething Cars Weekly Meets

Dynasty X Nething Cars Weekly Meets

Coverage from yesterday’s Dynasty X Nething Cars Weekly Wednesday Meet. Every Wednesday we co-host a meet in North Smithfield, RI. For more details, please check out the event page here.

Photos & Words by Corey Smiley

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